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Xander Story is inspired from Zelda 1, so we have tried to respect the limitation of the NES.  Besides, we have put some reference to the first Dragon Quest into it, let see if you can spot it! :)

You have to collect every keys (inside the chests) to be able to open the door to the next floor of the castle of Lord Argon.


Xander was a young warrior in search of a quest that he could accomplish to prove his value to the King Darius in order to become one of the best warrior of Itarian Empire Hopefully for him, a strange abandonned castle in the woods was reported as haunted. He took that opportunity and went on to defeat Lord Argon.



  • Move : Arrow Keys
  • Attack : X
  • Pause : Enter

Gamepad (Xbox controller)

  • Move : Directional Pad or Left Thumbstick
  • Attack : A
  • Pause : Start

Install instructions

1 - Download "Xander Story Final Build.zip"

2 - Unzip-it

3 - Launch Xander Story.exe

4 - Enjoy! :)


Xander Story Final Build.zip 8 MB

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