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Game Description

Explore the deepest part of the galaxy and become a member of the "Stars Traveller", an elite squad of space ship-driver ! 

- Adventure Mode : (Not disponible yet)  What happened?! All of the elite-member of Stars Traveller decided to put us into a great danger! They want to destroy our galaxy, you are our only hope. Explore differents planets and find them to stop them ! 

- Arcade Mode : You are a member of Stars Traveller, choose your space ship and go as far as you can! More you will go far away, more Polds you will obtain, the Pold is the money use to buy the other space ships.


I worked on this game during about less than 1 month, I've learned a lot from Love2D (which is the framework use to create this game), I wanted to have my own "Space Shooter", and it's (almost) done !

I've done all the code and musics. The credits are in the .txt file in the download link (for the art).

There are a lot of bugs yet, but I will do my best to correct them for the future update, and I will add new contents (Like the Adventure mode).

You can shoot, but there are no enemies you can destroy with that shoot (I will implement that later, sorry !)

I know, it's not a big game, but I hope you will enjoy it, 

Have fun!

If you want to learn how to create video-game, here is a french formation, this is where I've learn how to code : https://www.gamecodeur.fr/

How to play 

- Move with Arrow Keys

- Shoot by pressing Space Bar (You have to tap and not only press the key)

- Validate with the Enter Key

Install instructions

1 - Download the .zip file

2 - Unzip it

3 - Launch the .exe file

4 - Enjoy 


Stars Traveller.zip 37 MB


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 Super, j'aime bien les vaisseaux.

Salut, merci beaucoup ! Tu peux même les réutiliser si ça te plait, j'ai mis tous les liens dans le fichier credit.txt :)