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Penguin Builder is a construction game in top-down mixed with Action-RPG elements. The game is made with Ruby/Gosu in 1 week.


Long time ago, a dangerous foe named Chaos Penguin destroyed an entire kingdom and became the new ruler of the land.  But someday, a hero shows up and put an end to his tirany. Now that peace have returned, it's up to you to rebuild the kingdom!


Construction Mode

  • ESC : Check Quests
  • O : Go to Overworld Map
  • 1 . . . 9 : Select item
  • X /Q/Space: Place block
  • E/C: Erase block
  • Enter / Backspace : Rotate map

Exploration Mode 

  • X/E : Melee Attack (Pickaxe)
  • R/C/Space : Distance Attack (throw brick)
  • ESC : Check Quests


  • Completing a quest will make you stronger in Exploration Mode
  • You will loose around 80% of your current resources if you die in Exploration Mode
  • You can obtain a lot of resources by killing the boss area.
  • You can rotate the map in Construction Mode if you need more visibility
  • Please if you find #@[°=%, do not approach it.
  • All controls are written in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Killing monsters will allow you to recover Mana (to throw brick)
  • If you are out of energy, just wait a little bit!


VS Code,  Tiled, Paint.net, Pyxel Edit, FL Studio, Bfxr.


  • D3nX : Programming and Arts
  • HydroGene : Programming and Musics


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