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Welcome guy to our (un)finished platformer / RPG game : Mr. Penguin - The last experience

-- Game --

Despite it's funny look, the story take it's root in a horrific and bloody story...
While the Soviet Penguin soldier investigate and try to stop you from taking the phial, try to fight them and find the phial before them.

However, you'll note that we aren't really good drawer and that our objective was quite high for a game jam with a such little amount of time... However, we hope you will enjoy what actually the game is, we have took a lot of time to do it, and of course it will receive some updates.

-- Controls --


  • Arrow keys to move
  • X to interact
  • Up to take elevator
  • Backspace to cancel/close paper

XBox360 / XBox One

  •  Left Thumbstick or Directionnal Pad to move
  • X to interact
  • Up to take elevator
  • B to cancel/close paper


Graphics  by : D3nX
Musics by : HydroGene
Programming by : HydroGene & D3nX

Install instructions

1 - Unzip the file

2 - Launch .exe file

3 - Enjoy ! :)


Mr Penguin - The Last Experience.zip 10 MB

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