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I am giving away 18 original 8-bit/Chiptune tracks for gamedev for FREE and all tracks loops seemlessly! (you can donate if you want but this is not mandatory at all). 

These tracks were made with the idea of Action games in mind, so it can be perfect for: RPG, Platformer, Metroidvania, Shooter, Arcade games.

If you want to give a listen before downloading, all 18 tracks can be listened on the playlist here (also available on the right of this page):


Important information to mention, these musics are under CC0, in short, meanings: 

  • You can use any of these tracks for commercial purpose
  • If you don't want to give credits, it's also possible! 
  • Do whatever you want with them and Have Fun!


However, I would be very happy to know which projects are using one of these track, so don't hesitate to share a link to me if you want to, I will probably be able to promote it on the main page here if it's a commercial game  :)

If you enjoyed this asset pack, I would really appreciate if you could rate it to give it more visibility! 🙏

- Commissions are open: 💌 xhydrogenex@gmail.com 💌

Game Development is hard, stay strong, you will succeed in making the game you want!


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18 High Quality 8-bit Musics.zip 68 MB
Midi Files.zip 32 kB

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I used this 8-bit music pack for my time survival game on steam:


so much good music!
I also commissioned HydroGene for more music for the game and those tracks were also super good :)



id like to commission you for a track :) i sent an email


Hi, sorry I did not received anything yet, be sure to send it here: xhydrogenex@gmail.com


Just wanted to say this collection is amazing, and appreciate you making it freely available. I ended up using 3 tracks for a game.


Very impressive! Those tunes are really good, you're clearly talented :)

If you don't mind me asking, how much would you charge for a chiptune track like these? I'm not looking for a composer at this time, but I might be in the near future.


Thank you very much, I'm glad you appreciate my work!

It's quite hard to give a perfect answer to your question since it depends on a lot of parameters, but if you want to have a rough estimation, consider it's around $30 per track. 

Don't hesitate to send me a pm with more details about the project when you will be ready, so I can give you a better estimation.


Thanks! I'll definitely keep an eye on you and your work :D


Hey I have used your assets on my game, your itch.io user is credited on the main screen. Thanks, check it out: https://rhingel.itch.io/colorun


love the cover art will check your music out.


Great quality Congratz


im gonna use it and when i finish my game, im gonna put the link here. the musics are all amazing