Ship Adventure 1.1 is out!


Here is a new version of Ship Adventure ! Hope you like it.

What changes ?

- Add : Ultimate Laser Beam-X :

 It's a powerful laser that can destroy everything in your target ! Be careful by using it, because you can do it only one time on a same level.  When you have reach 2500 or more in score, a warning message will come to say you can press ENTER to activate it.

- Lower the difficulty : Indeed, a lot of people say that the level 2 was too hard, so I have lower the total number of monsters in this level, and added more on the first level. ;)

- Some little minor bugs were fixed.

Hope you enjoy the game!


Ship 21 MB
Mar 10, 2018
[Soundtrack] Ship 24 MB
Mar 07, 2018

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